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Anhui Liyuan Wire Drawing Dies Co., Ltd. production of "Liyuan" brand artificial polycrystalline
die, imported polycrystalline die, plating rongji easy die, paint die, extrusion die, special-shaped die, wire and cable, alloy, electromagnetic wire, steel cord, cutting line, gold steel wire, bonding line, tungsten, molybdenum, stainless steel, such as the main products of the drawing industry.
The company introduced the Norwegian "CONOPTLCA", Germany "SCOB" Company advanced production, testing equipment, strong technical force, perfect manufacturing technology, strict quality management system and modern management means, is the product quality at home and abroad are in a leading position.
Company in the long-term production practice has accumulated a wealth of production experience, strict eligible in accordance with the 002 international quality standards of production, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, stable product quality, to provide door-to-home service, products sell well throughout the country. In the fierce market competition, we will continue to increase investment in science and technology, improve product quality and improve the service system, our business philosophy is "first-class products and" first-class service dedicated to the vast number of customers ", sincerely thank the new and old users of the" Liyuan "products love, and hope to work with you to try to cooperate